In Cambridge, I supervise undergraduate students for several constituent colleges of the university, and postgraduate students taking the MPhil in Philosophy for the Faculty of Philosophy. At the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, I act as assessor of both undergraduate and postgraduate work for the MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine as well as for the MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society. I have also been examining essays and dissertations for the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence’s two postgraduate courses, the MPhil in Ethics of AI, Data, and Algorithms and the MSt in AI Ethics and Society. At the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, I teach students on the pre-clinical part of Cambridge’s Medicine Course in medical ethics.


At the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, I am teaching a class on novel human-rights challenges introduced by brain-computer interfaces.


For the TUM School of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich, I co-supervise two PhD dissertations in medical ethics.

I regularly supervise for the following modules:

  • Ethics: Early Modern Moral Philosophy, Helping and Harming, Moral Psychology, Normative Powers, Virtue Ethics
  • Metaphysics: Causation, Free will, Induction and Miracles, Mind and Matter, Personal Identity
  • Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness, Epistemology of Mind, Intentionality and Mental Representation, Mental Faculties
  • Political Philosophy and Ethics: Equality of Opportunity, Metaethics, Moral Psychology, Normative Ethics, Political Obligation and Authority
  • Political Philosophy: Democracy, Equality and Egalitarianism, Liberty and Liberalism, Property
  • Social and Ethical Context of Health & Illness: Professionalism in Medicine, Justice in Healthcare, Ethics in Medical Research


Early Modern Moral Philosophy

  • voluntarism
  • rationalism
  • sentimentalism

Helping and Harming

  • demands of beneficence
  • aggregation
  • contractualism

Moral Psychology

  • moral motivation
  • moral learning
  • practical reasoning

Normative Powers

  • consent
  • promise

Virtue Ethics

  • doctrine of the mean
  • reason and habits
  • social psychology



  • David Hume’s view of causation
  • causes and events
  • conditions and counterfactuals

Free Will

  • freedom and determinism
  • fatalism

Induction and Miracles

  • inductive inferences
  • deductive inferences
  • natural laws
  • statistical likelihood and coincidence

Mind and Matter

  • monism and dualism
  • physicalism and functionalism
  • mental states and mental causation
  • qualia

Personal Identity

  • biological and psychological views
  • synchronic and diachronic persistence
  • consciousness and memories

Philosophy of Mind

Epistemology of Mind

  • knowledge of one’s own mind
  • knowledge of other minds


  • varieties of consciousness
  • intentional theories of consciousness
  • the explanatory gap
  • the unity of consciousness

Intentionality and Mental Representation

  • theories of content
  • externalism and internalism
  • perception and belief

Mental Faculties

  • intention and the will
  • imagination
  • desire

Political Philosophy and Ethics

Equality of Opportunity

  • varieties of equality of opportunity
  • justifications and controversy
  • positive discrimination


  • fact and value
  • objectivity and subjectivity

Moral Psychology

  • egoism and altruism
  • empathy
  • cognitive and affective attitudes

Normative Ethics

  • consequentialism
  • deontology
  • virtue ethics

Political Obligation and Authority

  • classical social contract theory
  • natural duty and fair play theory
  • anarchism

Political Philosophy


  • forms of democracy
  • justifications of democracy
  • the democratic boundary problem

Equality and Egalitarianism

  • the value of equality
  • distributive equality
  • economic justice and gender

Liberty and Liberalism

  • the concept of liberty
  • Rawlsian liberalism
  • liberal feminism


  • labour, property, and theft
  • the limits of markets

Social and Ethical Context of Health & Illness

Professionalism in Medicine

  • professional standards and best practice
  • consent, confidentiality, and duty of candour
  • trust, integrity, honesty, and accountability

Justice in Healthcare

  • allocation of healthcare resources
  • local, national, and global priorities
  • social determinants of health

Ethics in Medical Research

  • trust and integrity
  • research involving children and vulnerable individuals
  • ethics-committee approval